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Cria low weight gain

Lippencott Alpacas

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I have a male cria born 9/13/2017. According to my calculations this put him about 3 weeks early. Looking at a list of the signs of premature birth cria he only showed a slight drooping of the ear tips. I was concerned that he did not get his colostrum as it appeared the dam was not producing milk. After several days he did show signs of nursing. His birth weight was 12.2 pounds. Today (12/20/2017) his weight is 22.6 pounds. He continues to nurse and is eating hay/grass/grain. In all observable traits he looks like a healthy cria. Because of the question regarding the colostrum he has been dosed with Bo-Se, CD&T and oral vitamin D. I'm wondering what can cause this and if there are tests we can run.